About Me

Hey I am Irfan, A full stack developer focused on software testing, being a quality enthusiast i call myself a software critic.


  • To Free people from concerns be it with humour or technology which gives me immense happiness beyond anything.


  • My passion revolves around writing ,sketching and speaking on humour and to make a living from them.
  • Building CheckOps : Interactive checklists for improving web operations.
  • Sketching on my WebComics : A funny ComicStrips series on software and tech.


  • Writing apps and tests for Web and Mobile in my free time.
  • At present all my free time is spent on CheckOps or WebComics or open-source.
  • Occasionally i do love writing and speaking on technology or humour or sometimes both.
  • In Past have spoken at many tech. meet-ups and international conferences like SeleniumConf, ATA and AgileIndia.


  • Leading Test Engineering team at upGrad
  • Focused on test automation, continuous delivery and .
  • Had played the role of a being a Developer, SysOps, Business Analyst to Quality Analyst and is always willing to explore for achieving the same goal.